Serving others…one customer at a time

​Hiya, it’s great to see you. Come on in, there’s tea in the pot…

​(But I ate the last few cookies…sorry)

SERVING is a funny word. Some people think that it is a very low-level way of earning a living.

​Even the word ‘subservient’ makes you sound like a slave or a peasant.

​However, whether you run a business or manage a business, or you are looking to start a side hustle to increase your income, the truth is….

​…we get paid to SERVE our customers or clients.

​Also, we don’t sell to groups, demographics or target audiences….really.

We serve them one customer at a time.

Financial advisers may aim to reach ‘heads of households’ or ‘young professionals’ for instance, but they meet with ONE client at a time. That one person or couple is being served at that moment–no one else.

​The window washer or handyman works on one house at a time and interacts with one home owner at a time.

​We serve ONE person. If we serve them well, they give us payment in exchange for excellent service.

SO……….in that context………..serving people well is a HIGH calling, not a low-level position.

​It makes you look at commerce–and life–in a different way, doesn’t it?

QUESTION: How can YOU serve others well, in a way that will earn you payment in return??

ANSWER: (fill in the blank) ______________________________________

QUESTION: Is there an additional way that you can serve others, in order to add extra to your monthly income?

ANSWER: (fill in the blank) _______________________________________

What to do next

​I have just launched a training package that is perfect for you.

​It is called, “The Side Hustle Secrets bundle“, and you are going to love it.

This bundle of four powerful ebooks will help you to:

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​One of the books in this bundle is a step-by-step, day-by-day walkthrough of how to get profits in within 7 days. It shows you exactly what to do EACH DAY, so that you have profit in hand by the end of the week.

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Have a brilliant day,
Jerry K, Director


​P.S. Serving others well is a high calling. I created this package to help YOU to get paid to serve others, and I know that it will help you. Everyone has a bit of cash in their pocket, and I made it too easy to pick this up.

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Thanks, Jerry

Write Your Own Book: How to turn your brains into funds!

How to turn your brain into funds….

​Good morning! After another very busy week, I finally got this sorted out.

Launch day!

​If you have VALUABLE knowledge, skills or experience…that will HELP others to overcome their biggest obstacles…

​…then this amazing bundle of resources is for YOU.

Write Your Own Book Mega Bundle: Create and Sell it in 7 Days or Less!


​This is a collections of three short books that I personally wrote on the subject, as well as a manual with 27 writing projects that you could profit from (some of them in 7 days or less).

​You need to read the description on that page to see the full value…………as well as the stupid-low intro price that I put on it.

​(I will be raising the price in 7 days, so get it while it is this low.)

Write Your Own Book Mega Bundle: Create and Sell it in 7 Days or Less!


I will write more about it tomorrow, but take 5 minutes right now and read what is inside.

I have included 30 days of FREE email support from me, so that I can guide you through the jungle and help you to get published.

​Again, the bundle is high-value, low priced during the intro period, and well worth it for young and old alike.

​So……….set down your coffee and jump over here:

Write Your Own Book Mega Bundle: Create and Sell it in 7 Days or Less!


​Talk soon, and have a brilliant day,

​Jerry K, director


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Let’s crawl inside your head. ​ (What will we find inside?)

Let’s crawl inside your head…
(What will we find inside?) ​

Good morning! It’s great to be alive and taking a big breath. ​
Breathing is one of my favourite hobbies. I do it every day….. 🙂

So, what WILL we find when we crawl around inside that big brain of yours?? ​

Are you good at public speaking? Do you create some amazing pieces of artwork? ​ Can you cut down trees safely? Do you know how to open a locked car door with a coat hanger? ​

(I learned how to do that back when I was a teen, because I used to lock my dad’s keys in the car when I borrowed it.) ​

What do you KNOW? Is it valuable to others? Would they possibly PAY you for the solution to their big problem?

Probably. ​

Tomorrow, I am going to give you a chance to pick up a very exciting bundle of resources that I have put together. ​ It is designed to HELP YOU to create simple books and reports that can generate income….even an extra £40 or $50 per month would be a good start, wouldn’t it? ​

And then you can scale it up from there, if you like. ​

So, watch for my next post to you. I really want to you read the details, because I am compiling this with you in mind.

Let’s squeeze your brain and see what comes out! (yuk) ​

Figuratively, of course. ​

Also, I cordially invite you to HIT REPLY and tell me the topic or topics that you really want to write about. ​

Go on, tell me. ​

Talk to you tomorrow………have a brilliantly brilliant day,

Jerry K, Director www.info321.com/support

P.S. This is all about you……..let’s work together to get you ready to CREATE something of value that others will want to pay for. Talk soon…….. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

How to extract cash from your valuable brain (like my roofer)

My roofer has a valuable brain…..

​Good morning, sunshine! I’m glad that you opened this post…..it is all about YOUR brain.

​You have a brain. It store loads of info.

​Some of it is priceless, and some of it…..well….just might be taking up space 🙂

If you know something of value that is valuable to others, you could trade them some money for your knowledge.

​>>> That’s what I experienced yesterday with my roofer. <<<

​We have had a very small, slow leak in our roof.

​I finally got a very busy plumber up to see what the problem is.

​He went up the ladder, took one quick look at one of the “valleys” on our roof (i.e. the wide strip of lead where two slanted parts of the roof meet, so the water can run down into the gutters.)

​No, I didn’t know what it was called. He was nice enough to tell me. Now, I sound like a roofing expert!!

He took some silicone sealant, squidged it into a few small cracks in the lead strip, and the quick repair was done.

​Of course, I will have him come back in a month or two……when the weather is drier….to replace the lead in the valley.

​”….There will be peace…..in the valley…..for me….”

​I asked how much for the repair……he said ‘nothing’……and then I slipped a £20 note into his hands anyway.

His knowledge, expertise and quick repair was DEFINITELY worth £20, because:

​I knew I had a problem

I could not spot the source of the problem

the problem could easily cost me hundreds if I didn’t fix it

he spotted the source in approx ten seconds, and

he fixed it under ten minutes.

​I could have paid him double, and it STILL would have been a great deal for me!

What about YOU??

​Do you have something in that wonderful brain of yours that could DRASTICALLY benefit someone else’s life?

​(I am sure that you do…….)

​THEN, dear reader, you are in the right place.

Read my next email. I want to help you to squeeze your brain and turn it into a life-changing product.

​Talk soon,

Jerry K, Director


​P.S. Would you pay £20 ($27) to fix a £200 problem? I did that yesterday……stay tuned.

About your hidden talents…

Good morning! I haven’t written to you in about 12 days…..I feel so guilty! haha……I’m sure I’ll get over it.

Today I want to dig around in your brain a bit. You don’t mind, do you?

Right now, lurking in that big brain of yours, you have talents that could be put to better use.

Basically, you have something of value that could be shared with others.

It could be:

..how to rebuild a motorcycle engine (and it still works afterwards)

..how you saved your marriage from utter destruction and helped to rebuild it after major trauma

..10 secret ingredients that you mother used to spice up boring meals (I wish my mum had read that book)

..how to clear the drains that lead from your house to your septic tank (I did that this past week…….smelly job, but someone has to do it!)

..how you use mixed media (paint, fabric, leaves, canvas etc) to stop people in their tracks and gaze at your work

..20 top tips for quick and easy home repairs, to save yourself big money (I would buy that one)

..how to rob a bank and launder the money without doing 20 years in jail (just joking, of course……you would never tell those secrets, would you????)

It comes down to this: you know some stuff that some others do not.

Even my reader Tom from Belfast, who can’t get out much, can do this. So can Ruth from Wales or David from China or Heide from France or Pastor HD from California.

No, you are not the ONLY one who may have that knowledge.

No, the world’s population is NOT filled with people who already know what you know…there are still SOME others who could benefit from it.

And no, they will NEVER benefit from your knowledge unless you put it out there in the public arena.


Make a list of 5 things that have been life-changing or super valuable to you once you learned them or experienced them.

I have done this exercise loads of times.

Write a list.

That is your first step to selling your brain juice for profit.

It all starts with a rough list of ideas.

Then, you come up with a rough outline or timeline.

Then, you point more bullet points under each step or topic.

Soon, it become a book, an audio guide, a video course, a training manual or a coaching masterclass.

But it all starts with the LIST.

What are you waiting for? Get started!!

I really want to help you with this.

Thanks for reading my posts. I promise with my whole heart to pester you on a more regular basis.

I also promise to give you something to buy, so that you can see what others are doing with THEIR brain juice.

Have a brilliant, blessed day, Jerry K, Director



Hate to write? No problem.

Hate to speak? No problem.

Hate people in general? Sorry, I can’t help you with that LOL……..but we love you anyway!

Watch for my next post……………Jerry

Why I’ll be leaving Whatsapp shortly…

Why I’ll be leaving Whatsapp shortly…

​Good morning! The weather is cold, the coffee is hot…

​…and I just sent this little image to hundreds of my personal contacts a few minutes ago:


​​(If you have images turned off, it says, “I’m leaving Whatsapp…follow me over to the Signal app for better privacy: www.signal.org.”)

​Whatsapp, the online messaging app that was purchased by Facebook a few years ago. It is a very popular app for speech and video messaging for free to all of your global friends…and it’s free. Not a bad deal.

The problem is that Facebook harvests the personal data of its users, whether you like it or not, and uses that info to make scads of money.

​I am not against running a business and making money, since I do it myself. Running a business can be a wholesome and ethical way of serving people.

​The roots of running a business go back further to Abraham in the book of Genesis (he bought and sold livestock–a self-replicating asset, as in ‘mmmmooooo’ and ‘baaaaaaaaah’).

​However, when the biz is NOT ethical, then it is a bad thing. In the case of FB, it is: “I take data from you, I sell it for big bucks, and you get no monetary benefit at all.”

​So, Whatsapp is part of that harvesting machine.

“But Jerry, I LIKE staying in touch with my friends, relatives and workmates!”

​Yes, so do I. So do millions of other users.

​That is why, this past week, tens of thousands of Whatsapp users have made the decision to stop using it and move over to the Signal app. You can download it from that site, or from your Google play store or Apple iTunes store.

​It is similar in features, but the collective of developers behind the project OPENLY allow other developers to see how the app works, so there is MUCH more transparency in this app. That means more privacy and security for us all.

So, follow me and move over there, if you like. And tell your Whatsapp friends to do the same. It will be for their own good.

​You can copy that image above, if you want to. I selected it in my phone’s images, I clicked on ‘share’, and I shared it with ALL of my contacts. (Some of you who are connected to me personally, probably got my message a little while ago—buenos dias!)

​I’m sorry, there is nothing to buy today. Boo hoo…. 🙂 Just a free image above and a bit of important privacy information.

Have a brilliant day,

​Jerry K, Director


​P.S. Thanks again for staying connected with me. Let’s start some powerful projects this year to serve others and build our income…….

​P.P.S. If you really, really want to buy something and support us, then grab something inexpensive in our Gumroad store: www.gumroad.com/info321

Reader survey: your most-requested topic is….

Reader survey: your most-requested topic is….

…just a few sentences below this one.

​Good morning, Jerry K here. Thanks for opening, reading and devouring my tasty content.

As you know, I sent out a reader survey recently, and I was pleasantly surprised at the various responses that I received.

​[NOTE: if you didn’t take the captivating 5-minute survey, then drop your donut into your morning coffee and click below to give me your input:


​Your comments, answers and half-drunken replies are always welcome……as long as they are clean, of course.

​Back to the headline.

​When I asked my readers what areas or topics that they are most interested in learning about, your most requested topic was…

​…writing books and articles (and other publishing related subjects).

​That is interesting. It really helps me, so that I know what you want me to publish for you.

​It is also interesting because the FORMAT that you most wanted my content to take was in WRITTEN form (i.e. text-based rather than audio- or video-based content……even though those were a close second and third on the list of formats).

​Some of the respondents wanted to learn how to start or grow a business, while one person said that they definitely want to build an online business that actually works (without all of the hype and scammy offers that are advertised on Youtube and Facebook all of the time).

So, let me help you in that way. Let me put together some of my best materials so that you can:

  1. come up with a plan
  2. put some extremely interesting words together
  3. put those words online so that others can see your offer, and then
  4. get paid for your writing efforts.

​(Of course, you can be a success by changing people’s lives WITHOUT selling your stuff (i.e., charity work or religious activities), so money is not necessarily the end goal in everyone’s lives. I’ll cover that topic as well.

​How does that sound? Is that a good plan?

​[NOTE: if you want some different topics covered, then you will have to be brave and take the survey, using the link in this post.]

​To me, writing and speaking are two of the most powerful and life-changing skills that a person can develop. I’ve done both for decades, and I absolutely love them both. I really do. (You can’t half-tell, can you??)

​I want to empower you to do just that: help to transform other people’s lives through your writing and/or speaking.

​If you want to join me on this journey, then watch for my next few posts.

​I’ll be giving you some free stuff, and I will also be making you a few offers, of course. You have to invest in order to get a profitable return, no matter what your end goal is in life.

ASSIGNMENT: Pick out one particular group of people that you want to reach, to influence and to transform with your writing or speaking skills. Pick JUST one. That will be the group that I will help you to write for.

​Again, watch my next emails. I can’t wait to help you.

​Have a brilliant day,

Jerry K, Director


P.S. I wish I had had someone send me this email years ago when I was getting back into writing and speaking…..I could have REALLY used the encouragement!

P.P.S. Some of you also stated that you wanted to learn more about physical and mental health, recipes and even the occasional ‘chocolate lovers’ topic. If that’s you, then I will definitely be covering that in the future…..I actually have a PhD in Chocolatology.

New book launched … 5 free copies available…want one?

Good morning! Thanks for waking up and opening my posts….it is most kind of you LOL.

(I remember about 15 years ago, I had to ask someone under 25 yrs old what LOL meant…laugh out loud. I thought it could mean ‘lots of love’ or some other abreviation that means ‘keep oldies guessing’…..but that would be KOG.)

Anyway, this is just to let you know that we have gotten back to launching new books on Amazon’s Kindle platform…..this is our OWN material, not that of our publishing clients.

So, our new book is…… “How to Start a Handyman Business”. As I said yesterday, I wrote it months ago with our local handyman in mind, and I decided to launch it to the world.

caption for image

It is a step-by-step guide to finding out how to take your skills in landscaping, woodwork, metal work, plumbing etc, how to find your first customers, and how to grow it into a life-changing business. It is short, concise and powerful…..like my dog Brego the Bichon Frise.

If you are interested, then read you can see it here:

Amazon US: www.amazon.com/dp/B08RWV917M

Amazon UK: www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08RWV917M

Amazon Canada: www.amazon.ca/dp/B08RWV917M

Amazon Australia: www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08RWV917M

“But Jerry, I am not interested in becoming a handyman…!”

That’s fine……then you can see if there is a wonderful person in your family that could use the book.

5 FREE COPIES (UK Amazon customers only….sorry)

If you want a freebie REVIEW copy of “How to Start a Handyman Business”, then HIT REPLY or send me a message on our SUPPORT PAGE and ask me. In exchange for the free copy, I will just ask you to write a short review on the product listing page. (I would hope for lovely, positive, 5-star reviews, but no pressure LOL)

Again, just ASK ME, and I will send you the link and instructions. This freebie offer expires 08 January, 2021. No purchase necessary.

It is an immense privilege to serve you….it really is.

If what I send to you is an actual help to you, then you can say ‘thank you’ by picking up one of our rapidly multiplying products.

That is a very subtle way of saying, “Hey, break open that fat wallet of yours!!” HAHA….that’s blunt and honest….but no pressure.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Have a brilliant day,

Jerry K, Director


P.S. Ask me for a REVIEW copy if you are a UK Amazon customer and you want to read the new book and make a very short review of it…..thanks again

It all started with my magic act…

Good morning! I have to tell you this short story, because is was on my mind this morning.

​Around ten years old, I found some magic set stuff that one of my older brothers had abandonded in our house. It got me interested in doing magic tricks.

​I started buying tricks and props and I started practicing my tricks. (These were slight-of-hand and optical illusion tricks, nothing dark or sinister…….just fun tricks that make you wonder, “How did he do that?”

​I got good enough to put on two magic shows……..one at my school for a talent show, and………

…one that I put on in my back garden.

​I organized it for a certain day. I made small flyers (by hand) and put them on poles around my neighbourhood.

​And I charged at the door. I was making money….at ten or eleven years old.

That’s where it started.

​Over the years, I looked for ways to serve other people, charging them for the good service that I could provide.

​(Later, it would be vitamins, health drinks, submarine sandwiches, DJ’ing at events, anything that I could trade for cash).

​7 years ago, I worked on some of my writing and editing skills to create services in the publishing area. I’ve earned thousands since then doing side projects alongside my other work.

​But it started with selling tickets to my own magic show.


​Do you have some unused skills, knowledge, abilities, wit or something that could serve the needs of others?

​Isn’t about time that you pushed out the boat and turned that skill into a side job/side hustle to add some cash to your monthly income?

Yes, my dear, it is time.

​Go here to read about how to get the ball rolling:

​Side Hustle Secrets bundle: Start your new side income in 7 days or less!


​Don’t wait. Make a start today. Take a step in a new direction…


​Have a glorious day,

Jerry K, Director


P.S. I started a side project that has really paid off, and I am sure that you can do the same…..so get yourself a cup of tea and leap over here….. https://gumroad.com/l/PHADSj

364 days of preparation for this one moment…

Good morning! I hope that you are well-rested and well-fed.

I just had a full dinner for my breakfast, which is the norm for plowing through leftovers on the day after a HUGE family meal.

(Plenty of tasty food left…….let’s have a big breakfast!)

You know what that’s like, don’t you?

Anyway, good morning again.

Look at the title of my post.

What did I prepare for 364 days in order to do well on one particular day?

Was it the Olympics? Or a university test? Or a marriage proposal?

(Too late……..I proposed to her 29 years ago, I married her 28 years ago and it was one of the best decisions that I ever made!!!)

No, my 364 days of prep was in the area of………



Sorry for the suspence…lol.

More specifically, it is about me writing to one person to tell them something important that could impact a major part of their life.

When I write, of course I want to get your attention.

I want to start off in a way that makes you want to read the rest of my post.

I may even want to lead you to a product or service that will benefit you (and through the transaction, it helps to pay my bills as well).

(That’s simply a part of running a business. If I had a corner shop, we could have a chat, but then I would say to you, “Mike, we have a sale on whiskey-flavoured doggie treats……want a box?”)

Back to the subject.

I write to talk to YOU………yes, you yourself. I don’t write to my ‘list of subscribers’ (even though you are on my list). I am writing to you.

And I could very easily write every day, 364 days throughout the year, working on that ability to write to YOU……hopefully to:

– entertain you

– educate you

– inspire you

– encourage you or

– promote a product or service that would benefit you.

I write to get better at writing to you.

So, Jerry, what is the ‘one day’ that you mentioned in the title?”

Aaaaah, thanks for asking.

Yesterday, I wrote 4 greeting cards…..

…one to my wonderful wife, and one to each of my wonderful adult children.

Each card was individual…….I was writing to ONE PERSON, not to a group.

I had to think about a theme or central idea that I wanted to convey.

I needed open each message with something that got their attention.

I wanted my message to be sincere, deep, meaningful and (of course) very wise and husband-like or dad-like.

Overall, I wanted to tell each of them how I felt about them in a brief, momentous way……in about 60 or 70 words.

(NOT an easy task!)

However, I have been writing to you over the past months (or longer), so it makes it easier to writie to the ones that I love dearly.

Practice makes perfect, or in other words, writing often makes writing easier and more effective.

Did my cards convey what I wanted to say? Did my messages ‘hit home’ with my family? Yes.

What is the moral of the story?

YOU should work on communicating with the people around you, the ones in your circle of influence.

Whether you prefer to write, speak or do interpretive ballet, you need to practice communicating.

THAT is the reason why I write to you (among other wonderful reasons)….to work on getting better at helping YOU personally.

Now, obviously, I’m not your relative or your best friend. I am just a guy who wants to help other people like you….

…and I use words to accomplish that.

Words can change people’s lives. Practice using them.

In a week or two, I am going to put together a pack of short reports on how to WRITE books and short reports……in a way that will help YOU to do it easier and better without pulling your hair out……!

BY THE WAY………if this post, or my other posts, have helped or encouraged you, and you want to be nice to me in return, then you can be nice by buying something from our Gumroad shop.

One purchase (even $3) is a great, heart-warming way of saying ‘thank you‘ …… 😉

Thank you.

You can click below to stroll around our shop. We have a sale on whiskey-flavoured doggie treats:


Until next time, make sure that you practice writing.

Jerry K, Director


P.S. Whether you are a handyman, a financial professional, a teacher, a vocalist, or you want to preach the Gospel in your hometown, learning to write and communicate better is a HUGELY important skill to work on. Start today……..and then do it again tommorow.

P.P.S. Hit REPLY or send me a message on our SUPPORT PAGE and tell me what you think of this post………I really want to hear from you.

How to give a gift without getting one in return…

Hiya, I’m glad you’re alive, and I hope that you are well.

​Very short post today, because we are all busy this time of year.


​It is very easy to exchange gifts, especially with someone who knows what kind of gifts that you like.

But here is a challenge for you……..one that will s t r e t c h your character.

​1. Take some money (preferably money that you own…….lol). Remember, you will never see this money again. So, wish that money well with it’s new owner

2. pick out someone who has a snowball’s chance in hell of being able to repay you.

3. Give that money away, without a thought, without wishing for a return, and deliver it to the person that you picked out.

​There is something about making the DECISION to say goodbye to that gift before you give it away.

​I am doing this WITHOUT ties, strings, obligations or hopes of being wonderfully blessed from heaven, the government or your rich uncle.

Give it. Say goodbye to it. Tell it that it is going to a very good home, and you are glad that it will be helping someone else.

​It comes down to a DECISION to let it go, just so that other person can be blessed.

Be good to people, regardless of the outcome. That is the best….and right….thing to do.

​Have a brilliant day, and let me know what you think of this.

Jerry K, Director