Business owners: your customers HATE this….

Business owners: your customers HATE this….

Good morning! Jerry K here, with something that will help you TODAY in how you interact with your customers, clients and prospects.

​Over the past years, I have been working with customers and cli ents in a number of industries, including high-end retail sales as well as interacting over Skype and phone.

​In my experience, even though the industries and price points may vary, customers have a lot of things in common with each other. There are very clear things that customers LOVE….and some things that they clearly HATE.

I jotted down a quick list a few minutes ago of some items from the HATE list:

  • ​being lied to
  • being forced into more expensive options
  • feeling like they’re in a wrestling match with the agent/salesperson/business owner
  • being talked at rather than being talked to
  • the agent doesn’t care about them as a person, only as an impersonal prospect
  • not being listened to
  • monotone, dead-pan, scripted interaction
  • over-familiar or boisterous conversation

​(I have a personal story to go along with each of those, but you can see how real-life they are.)

​The one item on that list I want to point to today is: the agent doesn’t care about them as a person, only as an impersonal prospect.

​We know that most sales and business environments are a ‘numbers game’, meaning that you have to see XX number of customers to potentially get X number of sales which yields $XXXX amount of weekly income.

​That is a fact of doing business, at least on the sales management or accounting level.

However, if we let that perspective slip into our customer interactions, we are shooting ourselves in the foot in the first 5 minutes.

Here are some practical points that I have lived by on this topic. Pick out a few to help you and your team to build better relationships with your customers and prospects:

  • ask for your customer’s first name within the first ten seconds, and use their name in a natural manner throughout your conversation. It builds honest rapport quickly…..if you do this genuinely.
  • give them your first name as soon as they mention their own name, and add in a quick bit of appreciation: “Hi, my name is Jerry. I’m glad you stopped in/phoned today.” This appreciation sets the tone for the rest of the conversation. (I may repeat this later, in order to remind them of my name and to reinforce that appreciation: “Again, my name is Jerry. I’m really glad you stopped in/phoned today.”
  • if they mention having a family, ask a few simple questions about number of children and their ages. Add in a short bit of your own personal family information if it is relative to their situation.
  • I often use a counter-intuitive statement to ease the tension and get on the side of the customer: “You know, my manager wants me to tell you about the most expensive option that we have, of course (with a small laugh), but my job is to find out what you need (pause) and show you something that fits your budget. Is that OK with you?” This cuts through some of the adversarial wrestling that customers are on guard against, and a bit of a laugh never hurts while you build a working relationship with them.

Does that help??

​You probably have a wealth of knowledge and experience in your own field or industry, which I would LOVE to hear more about. (Perhaps I could arrange a short interview to hear about how wonderful you serve your customers…interested?? Let me know…)

​However, we do find that PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE, and they all have similar needs and desires.

​Want to know more about serving your customers well and boosting your sales?

Then HIT REPLY or visit our SUPPORT PAGE and tell me.

​If there is enough interest from my subscribers, then I will put together a series of training audios on how to serve customers well and help them to buy more of your products or services.

​In any case, send me a message and let me know.

​Have a brilliant day,

Jerry K, Director

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