Ways to BOOST your income by writing….

Good morning…..I hope you slept well.

​Today, this short post will shed some light

and whet your appetite

to write

with all of your might

starting tonight

even if your budget is tight

coz if you can write,

you can boost your income, alright?


​You are an intelligent creature, created by God with a mouth to speak and ten fingers with which to type. Why not put them all to use?

Here some ways to profit from writing. These are actually chapter titles from one of our books:

Money Makers: 27 Ways to Profit from Writing

​See if there is something below that grabs your interest…

  • ​1 Create Personalized Children’s Books
  • 2 Publish a Book about Your Area for Tourists
  • 3 One Way to Get Started – Write What You Know
  • 4 Making Resumes Work for You
  • 5 Minority Business
  • 6 Make Money Writing Letters
  • 7 Show People How to Relieve Stress with a Journal
  • 8 Romantic Dollars
  • 9 Write for Comic Books
  • 10 Write for Game Developers
  • 11 Write a Community Newsletter and Cash in on Advertising
  • 12 Summarized Books
  • 13 Top 3 Most Lucrative Writing Jobs
  • 14 Make Extra Money by Selling Short Web Articles
  • 15 Make Money with Start-up Businesses
  • 16 Business Newsletters
  • 17 Business Writing 101
  • 18 Books in World Language
  • 19 Ever wanted to write your own bestselling book?
  • 20 15 Creative Ways to Make Money Writing
  • 21 Helping Pregnant Women
  • 22 Get Published in National Magazines!
  • 23 How to Write for Newspapers
  • 24 Local History
  • 25 How to Get Started in Freelance Writing
  • 26 Local Publishing Profits
  • 27 How to Get Started as a Copywriter

​Whether your circle includes friends, customers, clients, followers, supporters or Facebook/Whatsapp groups…

​…there are people around you NOW who could be buying what you are writing.

QUESTION: What knowledge have you compiled and acquired over the years?

​Would that expertise or wisdom possibly HELP someone else?

​Then….venture out and write! And use it to BOOST your income.

QUESTION: Is this is something that YOU want to pursue?

​Or, is there some other skill that you want to use to boost your income?

​If yes, then watch for my next posts.

BY THE WAY, have you grabbed our FREE book on how to BOOST your income? Not yet? Then leap with all of your might over here and grab it now:


​Have a brilliant day,

Jerry K, Director


P.S. If you create ONE small ebook, and sell it to ten people for $5 per copy in one month, you will earn $50 gross. Could you do that again the next month? And the next? And then write a second ebook and do that again? Yes, you could.

​I hope that whets your appetite…….bon appetit!

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