3 ways to boost your income…without PAIN (part 1)

side hustle

Good morning, sunshine! Have you had your cup of tea yet?

​Or something stronger?

​This is a brief topic that will help either you or someone that you love.

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Today, I want to share with you the FIRST of three approaches to boosting your income, whether you are 15 or 75.


​Many people take the approach where they make a list of the skills or interests that they have, and then focus on one of those to build a side hustle (i.e., a business on the side of their regular activities).

​You could reason that, if you passionate about your specific skill or interest, others will be passionate about the same, and you could get paid to supply products or services in that area.

​For example, if you are absolutely mad about managing your personal finance…or grooming your poodle…or maintaining your garden, there may be people out there who feel the same…

…and they might trade some cash for your skills, expertise or training on those same topics.

​You also have the benefit of loving the topic yourself, so it is not like pulling teeth to get you motivated to serve others in that area.

​If I love grooming my 2 small Bichon Frise pups, I will love grooming other people’s pets as well.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

​NOTE: I didn’t say that you will absolutely boost your income with this approach, but I did say that this is one approach that many people take. There are more pieces to the puzzle that simply being passionate.

Now THINK. What are you passionate about?

​What do you love to read about? Hobbies? Habits? Skills?

​Even if this is not the whole puzzle, it is great to take stock of the topics that you passionate about.

Do this: make a list of those topics or skills. They will come in handy as we investigate this topic this week.

Passion is one of the ‘side hustle secrets’.

​Next time, we will look at the SECOND approach to boosting your income.

​Pay attention, Jimmy, because it gets better.

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Jerry K, Director


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