3 ways to boost your income…without pain (Part 2)

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I’m very glad that you are alive and kicking this morning.

I am also glad that you opened this post. Let’s jump in head first….

​In my last post, we talked about the FIRST of 3 approaches that people like you and me take in order to boost their income. That approach is PASSION.

If you missed it, search for my last post, or you can read it by clicking HERE.

​People look at topics that they are passionate about, and then they create products or services around that passion….in the hopes that someone will trade some cash for those offerings.

​It is good, but it is only one approach.

Today, let’s look at your SKILLS–what you are good at.

​This second approach starts with you making a list of the various skills that you have, and then you build a side hustle around one or some of those skills.

​When it comes to starting a side hustle business, it is always best to take a good hard look at the skills and knowledge that you ALREADY have, instead of thinking about learning new skills at the start.

​If you use what you have, and you begin making money from those skills, you will make money much sooner and you will also be far ahead in the game.

​You see, your skills become specific products or services. Those services attract specific customers. Then, those customers will pay you money to give them the results that you have promised them.

​So, it all starts with your list of skills. Think of this as taking inventory for your business.

​This process of taking inventory is going to have 3 simple steps:​

  1. Create a master list of skills
  2. Rate your level of proficiency in each skill
  3. Pick your most proficient skills as services for your customers

​​Create a master list of skills

​For this step, you need to use either a sheet of paper or a MS Word document (or Google doc) to make brainstorm and record your skills. You don’t need to list the most important or most proficient skills first–simply write your list as quickly and as thoroughly as you can. Write your list of skills vertically, on the left-hand side of the page.

​We will rate each entry and sort them out in our next step, so try not to make this step too difficult for yourself. If we keep it simple, it will be much easier for you to accomplish this important step.

​Write down every skill that you currently have in the areas of construction, decorating, landscaping, writing, speaking, arts, financial advice, organizing, music, etc.

​Add any other skills or related skills that you can think of that are not in those particular areas.

​List every skill that you have ever used in both large and small ways.

​Again, don’t work too hard on the details in this step–just get your skills written down for use in our second step.

​NOTE: you should be writing down an actual list of these skills at this point. Don’t rely on your memory for this task–get out some paper and a pen and write them all down vertically, on the left-hand side of the page.

​​Rate your level of proficiency in each skill

​For this second step, we are going to use a very simple 3-star scoring system.

​⭐= “I can do a good job at that skill”

⭐⭐= “I can do a great job at that skill”

⭐⭐⭐= “I am an absolute rockstar at that skill”

​Now, your job is to look at each individual skill on your list and ask yourself, “Realistically, how good am I at performing that skill for others (meaning, for paying customers who will want an excellent job done for them).

​I want to encourage you to be brutally honest with yourself regarding each entry on your list, and think about asking friends or family members for their input on your skill level on each of them.

​Go through your list, one item at a time, and give each of them your honest rating of your skill level.

​When you have gone through your list, read through it a few times and make any honest adjustments to the list, if necessary.

​This will set you up nicely for the next important step.

​​Pick your most proficient skills as products or services for your customers

​This is where your honesty in the previous step will really be crucial in this step.

​Now, you need to either sort your list or re-write your list, so that the 3-star skills are all at the top. These are the ones that you will pick from to specifically offer to your new customers this week.

​Then, skip a space and list your 2-star skills. These are the skills that you will keep in your back pocket, just in case a customer asks for them to be done on their property.

​Lastly, list all of the 1-star skills. These are the ones that you can work on, get training on, get practice doing or develop over the next few months in your free time.

​You are not going to be offering your 1-star skills, because you ONLY want to offer services that you can do an EXCELLENT job in performing them.

​​Does that make sense?

​If you offer your customers EXCELLENCE, and you treat them with care, politeness and respect, they will rave about you to their friends and family members….and you will have no shortage of work and sales throughout the whole year.

Finally…. (Did you fall asleep while reading this?)

​I know that this has been a long post, but I wanted to give you very specific steps to take, especially since it is not an easy task for most people to complete.

Please……………………….think about the names of 5 people who need to read this post.

​Then, forward the post to them by email, Whatsapp, text or donkey (if you live in a mountainous region).

​Remember, as we say: Information + Action = Transformation

​If you don’t take action, you are left with a brain full of interesting fluff (which you can’t get much money for on Ebay).

​Read the P.S., and I will talk to you soon,

Jerry K, Director


P.S. I have a special bundle of trainings that I am putting together, in order to help you to boost your income…..I will reveal all in a day or so. Have a brilliant day, Jerry

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