Serving others…one customer at a time

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SERVING is a funny word. Some people think that it is a very low-level way of earning a living.

​Even the word ‘subservient’ makes you sound like a slave or a peasant.

​However, whether you run a business or manage a business, or you are looking to start a side hustle to increase your income, the truth is….

​…we get paid to SERVE our customers or clients.

​Also, we don’t sell to groups, demographics or target audiences….really.

We serve them one customer at a time.

Financial advisers may aim to reach ‘heads of households’ or ‘young professionals’ for instance, but they meet with ONE client at a time. That one person or couple is being served at that moment–no one else.

​The window washer or handyman works on one house at a time and interacts with one home owner at a time.

​We serve ONE person. If we serve them well, they give us payment in exchange for excellent service.

SO……….in that context………..serving people well is a HIGH calling, not a low-level position.

​It makes you look at commerce–and life–in a different way, doesn’t it?

QUESTION: How can YOU serve others well, in a way that will earn you payment in return??

ANSWER: (fill in the blank) ______________________________________

QUESTION: Is there an additional way that you can serve others, in order to add extra to your monthly income?

ANSWER: (fill in the blank) _______________________________________

What to do next

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Have a brilliant day,
Jerry K, Director

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