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Good morning! Welcome to the UK weather, which can change as the wind blows….

This morning, I had a wild idea for a side hustle (i.e. a small business project that you start up on the side of whatever else you are doing in life).

Here is the back story.

My 21-year-old remarked to me this morning how so many of the ads on TV were for ‘over-50’s life insurance’…which I am well-qualified for……lol.

He said that they seem to be running that type of ad every 30 minutes or so. The ad agencies must think that over-50’s tend to sit around all morning and watch daytime TV. I know that I don’t have time to do that, but that’s a different story.

My son also told me about a few cremation service ads that played during that timeslot as well.

Then the thought hit me……….

“You know, son, how I am big on starting small businesses?

“Why don’t you get a car and a trailer and offer a mobile cremation service??”

He laughed.

“You could be saving people money on burial fees, saving them time and effort, and reducing people’s carbon footprint at the same time.”

I was really surprised that he didn’t jump at the chance to start such a unique and in-demand service!

Maybe there isn’t a niche to fill in that area.

By the way, I joked with him that I do not want to be buried in a cemetary. “You can toss me in the compost heap when I’m gone.

“You will probably have to turn the heap every two weeks or so until I compost down to a rich, nutritious humus. Then, you can spread me around the garden.

“And……..you can think of me when you are eating our cucumbers or courgettes..!”


Would you like to get paid to serve people, without cremating your customers in a trailer? Then listen up…..

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Have a brilliant day, Jerry K, Director



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Thanks, Jerry

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