A list of crazy business ideas…

Good morning! This was just too good to pass by, so I had to send it to you.

After my last post about a proposed ‘mobile cremation service’–which was very well-read by my subscribers (look for my last post)….

I compiled a quick list this morning of crazy business ideas and strange side hustles that people ACTUALLY make money from (or have made money from in the past).

Check this out:

  1. Make Video Tombstones —imagine that on a dark, misty night!
  2. Start a Hotel for Pets
  3. Sell Dog Leggings, to keep your puppy warm in the winter
  4. Offer Jail Time Experience (do the time, without doing the crime)
  5. Rent Out Your Pets … get them to pay for themselves!
  6. Pet Rock – a big selling in the 70’s
  7. Reserve a Spot in Heaven (for a fee, of course)
  8. Cheese Sculpting
  9. Glow in the dark toilet paper (how convenient)
  10. Goat Rentals…to mow your lawn for you
  11. Lice Removal
  12. Dog Poop Scooping (a never-ending list of clients in that industry)
  13. Ear Wax Cleaning Service…yuk

I hope that you find something on that list that makes you want to go out sell a rock or clean someone’s ears!

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Have a brilliant day,
Jerry K, Director


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