Firefighter battles internal disaster…

Good morning……..a very down-to-earth post this morning.

One of my relatives contracted the virus a few months ago. He is a fire fighter, working hard every month to save the lives and property of others…….brave young lad that he is.

​He had a real-life wrestling match with the thing, and his wife was really worried….

​…but he pulled through.

Now, he has to build up his strength, vitality and immune system.

​In a lot of practical ways, his wrestling match is not completely over. He obviously does not want to get another dose of it!

There are two groups of people who need to build up their bodies in relation to ‘the virus’:

​those who have ALREADY gotten the virus, and

those who don’t WANT to get the virus.

​I want you to be encouraged today. You can do something about it.

You can grab this bundle of health-boosting goodness and protect yourself….

​either PRIOR to or AFTER any contact with that crazy virus.

​Grab this bundle to protect yourself….

BOOST Your Immune System bundle: How to Beat the Virus…Starting TODAY!

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​My wife and I are boosting our immunity………you need to do the same.


​Have a brilliant day,

Jerry K, Director

​P.S. Don’t be SCARED by the media. Do something about it. Get you copy and give away copies to your whole family as well:

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