Part 3: 3 ways to boost your income…without pain

Good morning………the sun is shining here….first time in a few days.

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​This week, I have been talking about 3 ways (or 3 approaches) to boosting your income, whether you are a student of 18 or a pensioner of 78.

Perhaps you or someone that you love falls into that category.

​First, we looked at following your passion, which means pursuing a business idea that is something that you care about in a big way.

​Second, we looked at following your skills, meaning that you pick out something that you are actually GOOD at doing and creating a business out of that. (That could be financial advice, artistic abilities, writing or being a handyman.)

Today, let’s look at the third approach: following the needs of others.

​No matter what my personal interests and passions are……..and no matter what I am actually good at doing……I can do some research and find products or services that people around me ACTUALLY WANT AND NEED.

​Then, I build a wee business to fill that need. Simple.

​Perhaps you find out that there are not enough taxi drivers in your local area. There is a NEED for more drivers.

​You might not be the world’s best driver (but you DO need a driver’s license…..don’t try this without one!!) and you might not be super-enthusiastic about being a driver, but you could do it.

If there is a need, and you have a way to fill that need, then you can get paid. It is the law of supply and demand.

ACTION PLAN: begin to ask those around you if there are products or services that they NEED or WANT but cannot get fulfilled. Also, look at what others are doing to make extra money from home, either online or on a local level.

​Is there a need that isn’t being filled? Have others gotten paid to do things that you can do as well?

If you can find an ‘unfulfilled need’ (or perhaps an ‘under-fulfilled need’), then you could be looking at an opportunity to serve others and bring in extra cash.

​Always be on the lookout for NEEDS and WANTS that other people have. It is a CLUE…..perhaps even an opportunity that is worth investigating.

I do that all the time. I have read about dozens and dozens of needs, wants and opportunities, and I am always running it through my wee brain to see if it is a match for me…..

​….or a match for my wife…..or for my three adult children.

​See that?

​An opportunity might not be suitable for YOU personally, but it might be right for someone AROUND you.

How about YOU?

​Want some help to develop a side hustle?

​I am putting the finishing touches on a package to help you to do just that…..for either you or your loved ones. You can find it in our Gumroad shop:

For now, DO THIS: read through this post again, and take it to heart.

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​And then, start to look for opportunities……LOOk FOR wants and needs that are under-fulfilled in other people’s lives.

​Talk soon…..have a brilliant day,

​​Jerry K, Director

P.S. Would you give your son or daughter £5 or $5 to give them a boost? I would. Perhaps giving them a way to PROSPER would be a more valuable gift….

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