She asked me for help to promote her books…

Good morning! I hope that it is warm where you live, because it is absolutely freezing here today.

Just a quick story….one that I hope helps you in some way.

I was recently contacted by an author of children’s book who wanted to hire me to consult with her team on getting the books selling. Being a publishing and marketing consultant, that is one of the things that I do best……

….I like to talk. LOL

No, I mean that I like to talk about creating and promoting information products, which includes paperback and digital books.

We set up a Zoom call with the three of them, and I went over the notes that I had prepared after doing an hour or two of research.

What I gave them on that paid consult call was a very practical way of sifting through the outlying issues to focus on the CORE strategies that will help them to dramatically boost their sales.

It all boils down to a few simple parts:

  1. determine your target market….the group or groups of people that are most likely to be interested in your products or services
  2. make a way to contact them, through either social media or other means, and then
  3. invite them onto your mailing list with the offer of a free, valuable gift in exchange.

That is what YOU have received at some point in the past from me……a free gift as an incentive to have me torture you with witty posts and wonderful offers. (I know that ‘torturing you with wit’ seems a bit dramatic….)

From there, that team can send posts to their subscribers to educate them, entertain them, encourage them and offer them kids books, audios and training products to their followers.

That is simple, isn’t it?

I used to work for a local butcher for almost a year. That is a wild story that I will tell you sometime.

I never expected to do that sort of work, but I loved serving the customers and talking all day about frying steaks!

If you ran a butcher shop, you would want to reach out to meat eaters who love fresh ingredients for your magnificent dinner recipes, wouldn’t you?

If you are a financial adviser, you want to reach out to individuals, families and retirees to help them to plan for their financial futures, right?

THAT is why staying in touch with your audience is so important.

And YOU are part of MY audience (unless you unsubscribe, of course).

Writing to your audience and staying in touch keeps that relationship alive.

So, whether you run an organization or not, be encouraged to stay in touch with the ones that are important to you.

Have a brilliant day,

Jerry K, Director


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