How to give a gift without getting one in return…

Hiya, I’m glad you’re alive, and I hope that you are well.

​Very short post today, because we are all busy this time of year.


​It is very easy to exchange gifts, especially with someone who knows what kind of gifts that you like.

But here is a challenge for you…… that will s t r e t c h your character.

​1. Take some money (preferably money that you own…….lol). Remember, you will never see this money again. So, wish that money well with it’s new owner

2. pick out someone who has a snowball’s chance in hell of being able to repay you.

3. Give that money away, without a thought, without wishing for a return, and deliver it to the person that you picked out.

​There is something about making the DECISION to say goodbye to that gift before you give it away.

​I am doing this WITHOUT ties, strings, obligations or hopes of being wonderfully blessed from heaven, the government or your rich uncle.

Give it. Say goodbye to it. Tell it that it is going to a very good home, and you are glad that it will be helping someone else.

​It comes down to a DECISION to let it go, just so that other person can be blessed.

Be good to people, regardless of the outcome. That is the best….and right….thing to do.

​Have a brilliant day, and let me know what you think of this.

Jerry K, Director


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