364 days of preparation for this one moment…

Good morning! I hope that you are well-rested and well-fed.

I just had a full dinner for my breakfast, which is the norm for plowing through leftovers on the day after a HUGE family meal.

(Plenty of tasty food left…….let’s have a big breakfast!)

You know what that’s like, don’t you?

Anyway, good morning again.

Look at the title of my post.

What did I prepare for 364 days in order to do well on one particular day?

Was it the Olympics? Or a university test? Or a marriage proposal?

(Too late……..I proposed to her 29 years ago, I married her 28 years ago and it was one of the best decisions that I ever made!!!)

No, my 364 days of prep was in the area of………



Sorry for the suspence…lol.

More specifically, it is about me writing to one person to tell them something important that could impact a major part of their life.

When I write, of course I want to get your attention.

I want to start off in a way that makes you want to read the rest of my post.

I may even want to lead you to a product or service that will benefit you (and through the transaction, it helps to pay my bills as well).

(That’s simply a part of running a business. If I had a corner shop, we could have a chat, but then I would say to you, “Mike, we have a sale on whiskey-flavoured doggie treats……want a box?”)

Back to the subject.

I write to talk to YOU………yes, you yourself. I don’t write to my ‘list of subscribers’ (even though you are on my list). I am writing to you.

And I could very easily write every day, 364 days throughout the year, working on that ability to write to YOU……hopefully to:

– entertain you

– educate you

– inspire you

– encourage you or

– promote a product or service that would benefit you.

I write to get better at writing to you.

So, Jerry, what is the ‘one day’ that you mentioned in the title?”

Aaaaah, thanks for asking.

Yesterday, I wrote 4 greeting cards…..

…one to my wonderful wife, and one to each of my wonderful adult children.

Each card was individual…….I was writing to ONE PERSON, not to a group.

I had to think about a theme or central idea that I wanted to convey.

I needed open each message with something that got their attention.

I wanted my message to be sincere, deep, meaningful and (of course) very wise and husband-like or dad-like.

Overall, I wanted to tell each of them how I felt about them in a brief, momentous way……in about 60 or 70 words.

(NOT an easy task!)

However, I have been writing to you over the past months (or longer), so it makes it easier to writie to the ones that I love dearly.

Practice makes perfect, or in other words, writing often makes writing easier and more effective.

Did my cards convey what I wanted to say? Did my messages ‘hit home’ with my family? Yes.

What is the moral of the story?

YOU should work on communicating with the people around you, the ones in your circle of influence.

Whether you prefer to write, speak or do interpretive ballet, you need to practice communicating.

THAT is the reason why I write to you (among other wonderful reasons)….to work on getting better at helping YOU personally.

Now, obviously, I’m not your relative or your best friend. I am just a guy who wants to help other people like you….

…and I use words to accomplish that.

Words can change people’s lives. Practice using them.

In a week or two, I am going to put together a pack of short reports on how to WRITE books and short reports……in a way that will help YOU to do it easier and better without pulling your hair out……!

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One purchase (even $3) is a great, heart-warming way of saying ‘thank you‘ …… 😉

Thank you.

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Until next time, make sure that you practice writing.

Jerry K, Director


P.S. Whether you are a handyman, a financial professional, a teacher, a vocalist, or you want to preach the Gospel in your hometown, learning to write and communicate better is a HUGELY important skill to work on. Start today……..and then do it again tommorow.

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