It all started with my magic act…

Good morning! I have to tell you this short story, because is was on my mind this morning.

​Around ten years old, I found some magic set stuff that one of my older brothers had abandonded in our house. It got me interested in doing magic tricks.

​I started buying tricks and props and I started practicing my tricks. (These were slight-of-hand and optical illusion tricks, nothing dark or sinister…….just fun tricks that make you wonder, “How did he do that?”

​I got good enough to put on two magic shows…… at my school for a talent show, and………

…one that I put on in my back garden.

​I organized it for a certain day. I made small flyers (by hand) and put them on poles around my neighbourhood.

​And I charged at the door. I was making money….at ten or eleven years old.

That’s where it started.

​Over the years, I looked for ways to serve other people, charging them for the good service that I could provide.

​(Later, it would be vitamins, health drinks, submarine sandwiches, DJ’ing at events, anything that I could trade for cash).

​7 years ago, I worked on some of my writing and editing skills to create services in the publishing area. I’ve earned thousands since then doing side projects alongside my other work.

​But it started with selling tickets to my own magic show.


​Do you have some unused skills, knowledge, abilities, wit or something that could serve the needs of others?

​Isn’t about time that you pushed out the boat and turned that skill into a side job/side hustle to add some cash to your monthly income?

Yes, my dear, it is time.

​Go here to read about how to get the ball rolling:

​Side Hustle Secrets bundle: Start your new side income in 7 days or less!

​Don’t wait. Make a start today. Take a step in a new direction…


​Have a glorious day,

Jerry K, Director

P.S. I started a side project that has really paid off, and I am sure that you can do the same… get yourself a cup of tea and leap over here…..

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