Reader survey: your most-requested topic is….

Reader survey: your most-requested topic is….

…just a few sentences below this one.

​Good morning, Jerry K here. Thanks for opening, reading and devouring my tasty content.

As you know, I sent out a reader survey recently, and I was pleasantly surprised at the various responses that I received.

​[NOTE: if you didn’t take the captivating 5-minute survey, then drop your donut into your morning coffee and click below to give me your input:

​Your comments, answers and half-drunken replies are always welcome……as long as they are clean, of course.

​Back to the headline.

​When I asked my readers what areas or topics that they are most interested in learning about, your most requested topic was…

​…writing books and articles (and other publishing related subjects).

​That is interesting. It really helps me, so that I know what you want me to publish for you.

​It is also interesting because the FORMAT that you most wanted my content to take was in WRITTEN form (i.e. text-based rather than audio- or video-based content……even though those were a close second and third on the list of formats).

​Some of the respondents wanted to learn how to start or grow a business, while one person said that they definitely want to build an online business that actually works (without all of the hype and scammy offers that are advertised on Youtube and Facebook all of the time).

So, let me help you in that way. Let me put together some of my best materials so that you can:

  1. come up with a plan
  2. put some extremely interesting words together
  3. put those words online so that others can see your offer, and then
  4. get paid for your writing efforts.

​(Of course, you can be a success by changing people’s lives WITHOUT selling your stuff (i.e., charity work or religious activities), so money is not necessarily the end goal in everyone’s lives. I’ll cover that topic as well.

​How does that sound? Is that a good plan?

​[NOTE: if you want some different topics covered, then you will have to be brave and take the survey, using the link in this post.]

​To me, writing and speaking are two of the most powerful and life-changing skills that a person can develop. I’ve done both for decades, and I absolutely love them both. I really do. (You can’t half-tell, can you??)

​I want to empower you to do just that: help to transform other people’s lives through your writing and/or speaking.

​If you want to join me on this journey, then watch for my next few posts.

​I’ll be giving you some free stuff, and I will also be making you a few offers, of course. You have to invest in order to get a profitable return, no matter what your end goal is in life.

ASSIGNMENT: Pick out one particular group of people that you want to reach, to influence and to transform with your writing or speaking skills. Pick JUST one. That will be the group that I will help you to write for.

​Again, watch my next emails. I can’t wait to help you.

​Have a brilliant day,

Jerry K, Director

P.S. I wish I had had someone send me this email years ago when I was getting back into writing and speaking…..I could have REALLY used the encouragement!

P.P.S. Some of you also stated that you wanted to learn more about physical and mental health, recipes and even the occasional ‘chocolate lovers’ topic. If that’s you, then I will definitely be covering that in the future…..I actually have a PhD in Chocolatology.

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