Why I’ll be leaving Whatsapp shortly…

Why I’ll be leaving Whatsapp shortly…

​Good morning! The weather is cold, the coffee is hot…

​…and I just sent this little image to hundreds of my personal contacts a few minutes ago:


​​(If you have images turned off, it says, “I’m leaving Whatsapp…follow me over to the Signal app for better privacy: www.signal.org.”)

​Whatsapp, the online messaging app that was purchased by Facebook a few years ago. It is a very popular app for speech and video messaging for free to all of your global friends…and it’s free. Not a bad deal.

The problem is that Facebook harvests the personal data of its users, whether you like it or not, and uses that info to make scads of money.

​I am not against running a business and making money, since I do it myself. Running a business can be a wholesome and ethical way of serving people.

​The roots of running a business go back further to Abraham in the book of Genesis (he bought and sold livestock–a self-replicating asset, as in ‘mmmmooooo’ and ‘baaaaaaaaah’).

​However, when the biz is NOT ethical, then it is a bad thing. In the case of FB, it is: “I take data from you, I sell it for big bucks, and you get no monetary benefit at all.”

​So, Whatsapp is part of that harvesting machine.

“But Jerry, I LIKE staying in touch with my friends, relatives and workmates!”

​Yes, so do I. So do millions of other users.

​That is why, this past week, tens of thousands of Whatsapp users have made the decision to stop using it and move over to the Signal app. You can download it from that site, or from your Google play store or Apple iTunes store.

​It is similar in features, but the collective of developers behind the project OPENLY allow other developers to see how the app works, so there is MUCH more transparency in this app. That means more privacy and security for us all.

So, follow me and move over there, if you like. And tell your Whatsapp friends to do the same. It will be for their own good.

​You can copy that image above, if you want to. I selected it in my phone’s images, I clicked on ‘share’, and I shared it with ALL of my contacts. (Some of you who are connected to me personally, probably got my message a little while ago—buenos dias!)

​I’m sorry, there is nothing to buy today. Boo hoo…. 🙂 Just a free image above and a bit of important privacy information.

Have a brilliant day,

​Jerry K, Director


​P.S. Thanks again for staying connected with me. Let’s start some powerful projects this year to serve others and build our income…….

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