How to extract cash from your valuable brain (like my roofer)

My roofer has a valuable brain…..

​Good morning, sunshine! I’m glad that you opened this post… is all about YOUR brain.

​You have a brain. It store loads of info.

​Some of it is priceless, and some of it…..well….just might be taking up space 🙂

If you know something of value that is valuable to others, you could trade them some money for your knowledge.

​>>> That’s what I experienced yesterday with my roofer. <<<

​We have had a very small, slow leak in our roof.

​I finally got a very busy plumber up to see what the problem is.

​He went up the ladder, took one quick look at one of the “valleys” on our roof (i.e. the wide strip of lead where two slanted parts of the roof meet, so the water can run down into the gutters.)

​No, I didn’t know what it was called. He was nice enough to tell me. Now, I sound like a roofing expert!!

He took some silicone sealant, squidged it into a few small cracks in the lead strip, and the quick repair was done.

​Of course, I will have him come back in a month or two……when the weather is drier….to replace the lead in the valley.

​”….There will be peace… the valley…..for me….”

​I asked how much for the repair……he said ‘nothing’……and then I slipped a £20 note into his hands anyway.

His knowledge, expertise and quick repair was DEFINITELY worth £20, because:

​I knew I had a problem

I could not spot the source of the problem

the problem could easily cost me hundreds if I didn’t fix it

he spotted the source in approx ten seconds, and

he fixed it under ten minutes.

​I could have paid him double, and it STILL would have been a great deal for me!

What about YOU??

​Do you have something in that wonderful brain of yours that could DRASTICALLY benefit someone else’s life?

​(I am sure that you do…….)

​THEN, dear reader, you are in the right place.

Read my next email. I want to help you to squeeze your brain and turn it into a life-changing product.

​Talk soon,

Jerry K, Director

​P.S. Would you pay £20 ($27) to fix a £200 problem? I did that yesterday……stay tuned.

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