Write Your Own Book: How to turn your brains into funds!

How to turn your brain into funds…. ​Good morning! After another very busy week, I finally got this sorted out. ​Launch day! ​If you have VALUABLE knowledge, skills or experience…that will HELP others to overcome their biggest obstacles… ​…then this amazing bundle of resources is for YOU. ​Write Your Own Book Mega Bundle: Create andContinue reading “Write Your Own Book: How to turn your brains into funds!”

Let’s crawl inside your head. ​ (What will we find inside?)

​ Let’s crawl inside your head… ​ (What will we find inside?) ​ Good morning! It’s great to be alive and taking a big breath. ​ Breathing is one of my favourite hobbies. I do it every day….. 🙂 ​ So, what WILL we find when we crawl around inside that big brain of yours??Continue reading “Let’s crawl inside your head. ​ (What will we find inside?)”

How to extract cash from your valuable brain (like my roofer)

My roofer has a valuable brain….. ​Good morning, sunshine! I’m glad that you opened this post…..it is all about YOUR brain. ​You have a brain. It store loads of info. ​Some of it is priceless, and some of it…..well….just might be taking up space 🙂 ​If you know something of value that is valuable toContinue reading “How to extract cash from your valuable brain (like my roofer)”

About your hidden talents…

Good morning! I haven’t written to you in about 12 days…..I feel so guilty! haha……I’m sure I’ll get over it. Today I want to dig around in your brain a bit. You don’t mind, do you? Right now, lurking in that big brain of yours, you have talents that could be put to better use.Continue reading “About your hidden talents…”

Why I’ll be leaving Whatsapp shortly…

Why I’ll be leaving Whatsapp shortly… ​Good morning! The weather is cold, the coffee is hot… ​…and I just sent this little image to hundreds of my personal contacts a few minutes ago: ​​ ​​(If you have images turned off, it says, “I’m leaving Whatsapp…follow me over to the Signal app for better privacy: http://www.signal.org.”)Continue reading “Why I’ll be leaving Whatsapp shortly…”

Reader survey: your most-requested topic is….

Reader survey: your most-requested topic is…. …just a few sentences below this one. ​Good morning, Jerry K here. Thanks for opening, reading and devouring my tasty content. ​As you know, I sent out a reader survey recently, and I was pleasantly surprised at the various responses that I received. ​[NOTE: if you didn’t take theContinue reading “Reader survey: your most-requested topic is….”

New book launched … 5 free copies available…want one?

Good morning! Thanks for waking up and opening my posts….it is most kind of you LOL. (I remember about 15 years ago, I had to ask someone under 25 yrs old what LOL meant…laugh out loud. I thought it could mean ‘lots of love’ or some other abreviation that means ‘keep oldies guessing’…..but that wouldContinue reading “New book launched … 5 free copies available…want one?”

It all started with my magic act…

Good morning! I have to tell you this short story, because is was on my mind this morning. ​Around ten years old, I found some magic set stuff that one of my older brothers had abandonded in our house. It got me interested in doing magic tricks. ​I started buying tricks and props and IContinue reading “It all started with my magic act…”

364 days of preparation for this one moment…

Good morning! I hope that you are well-rested and well-fed. I just had a full dinner for my breakfast, which is the norm for plowing through leftovers on the day after a HUGE family meal. (Plenty of tasty food left…….let’s have a big breakfast!) You know what that’s like, don’t you? Anyway, good morning again.Continue reading “364 days of preparation for this one moment…”

How to give a gift without getting one in return…

Hiya, I’m glad you’re alive, and I hope that you are well. ​Very short post today, because we are all busy this time of year. ​Gifts. ​It is very easy to exchange gifts, especially with someone who knows what kind of gifts that you like. ​But here is a challenge for you……..one that will sContinue reading “How to give a gift without getting one in return…”