How to recharge your internal batteries in 10 minutes or less!

Good morning! Time is flying….. ‚ÄčI realized that I sent you a post 7 days ago, and I haven’t tortured you since then ūüôā ‚ÄčBut I’m glad that you open my posts and support us….thanks. ‚ÄčThis time of year, it is MUCH too easy to get stressed out. ‚ÄčAnd stress saps your energy levels. ‚ÄčSoContinue reading “How to recharge your internal batteries in 10 minutes or less!”

She asked me for help to promote her books…

Good morning! I hope that it is warm where you live, because it is absolutely freezing here today. Just a quick story….one that I hope helps you in some way. I was recently contacted by an author of children’s book who wanted to hire me to consult with her team on getting the books selling.Continue reading “She asked me for help to promote her books…”

A high-energy, no-cost report that you can give away…

Good morning! You just missed breakfast, but there’s some cake in the kitchen–help yourself…. ‚ÄčThis is short but sweet. ‚ÄčThis week, I have to get up at 6am in order to get some extra work done. ‚ÄčAt 6am, no one else is getting me up or making a warm breakfast for me. ‚ÄčIt ALL comesContinue reading “A high-energy, no-cost report that you can give away…”

Part 3: 3 ways to boost your income…without pain

Good morning………the sun is shining here….first time in a few days. (By the way, there is a FREE Google Doc at the end of this post……but don’t go there yet…) ‚ÄčThis week, I have been talking about 3 ways (or 3 approaches) to boosting your income, whether you are a student of 18 or aContinue reading “Part 3: 3 ways to boost your income…without pain”

Firefighter battles internal disaster…

Good morning……..a very down-to-earth post this morning. ‚ÄčOne of my relatives contracted the virus a few months ago. He is a fire fighter, working hard every month to save the lives and property of others…….brave young lad that he is. ‚ÄčHe had a real-life wrestling match with the thing, and his wife was really worried….Continue reading “Firefighter battles internal disaster…”

A list of crazy business ideas‚Ķ

Good morning! This was just too good to pass by, so I had to send it to you. After my last post about a proposed ‘mobile cremation service’–which was very well-read by my subscribers (look for my last post)…. I compiled a quick list this morning of crazy business ideas and strange side hustles thatContinue reading “A list of crazy business ideas‚Ķ”

A mobile cremation service…

Good morning! Welcome to the UK weather, which can change as the wind blows…. This morning, I had a wild idea for a side hustle (i.e. a small business project that you start up on the side of whatever else you are doing in life). Here is the back story. My 21-year-old remarked to meContinue reading “A mobile cremation service…”

Serving others…one customer at a time

‚ÄčHiya, it’s great to see you. Come on in, there’s tea in the pot… ‚Äč(But I ate the last few cookies…sorry) ‚ÄčSERVING is a funny word. Some people think that it is a very low-level way of earning a living. ‚ÄčEven the word ‘subservient’ makes you sound like a slave or a peasant. ‚ÄčHowever, whetherContinue reading “Serving others…one customer at a time”

How to get started when you feel like crap……

Good morning! I hope that you don’t feel like crap today….. …but let’s face it–you might. ‚ÄčPeople feel like crap in the morning for a number of different reasons:‚Äč too much alcohol the night before (is that YOU?) too much spicy or sugary food the night before too much exercise too little exercise (that couldContinue reading “How to get started when you feel like crap……”

3 ways to boost your income…without pain (Part 2)

I’m very glad that you are alive and kicking this morning. ‚ÄčI am also glad that you opened this post. Let’s jump in head first…. ‚ÄčIn my last post, we talked about the FIRST of 3 approaches that people like you and me take in order to boost their income. That approach is PASSION. ‚ÄčIfContinue reading “3 ways to boost your income…without pain (Part 2)”