It all started with my magic act…

Good morning! I have to tell you this short story, because is was on my mind this morning. ​Around ten years old, I found some magic set stuff that one of my older brothers had abandonded in our house. It got me interested in doing magic tricks. ​I started buying tricks and props and IContinue reading “It all started with my magic act…”

Part 3: 3 ways to boost your income…without pain

Good morning………the sun is shining here….first time in a few days. (By the way, there is a FREE Google Doc at the end of this post……but don’t go there yet…) ​This week, I have been talking about 3 ways (or 3 approaches) to boosting your income, whether you are a student of 18 or aContinue reading “Part 3: 3 ways to boost your income…without pain”

A list of crazy business ideas…

Good morning! This was just too good to pass by, so I had to send it to you. After my last post about a proposed ‘mobile cremation service’–which was very well-read by my subscribers (look for my last post)…. I compiled a quick list this morning of crazy business ideas and strange side hustles thatContinue reading “A list of crazy business ideas…”

A mobile cremation service…

Good morning! Welcome to the UK weather, which can change as the wind blows…. This morning, I had a wild idea for a side hustle (i.e. a small business project that you start up on the side of whatever else you are doing in life). Here is the back story. My 21-year-old remarked to meContinue reading “A mobile cremation service…”

3 ways to boost your income…without PAIN (part 1)

Good morning, sunshine! Have you had your cup of tea yet? ​Or something stronger? ​This is a brief topic that will help either you or someone that you love. [ NOTE: there is a FREE book at the end of this posts…. ] ​Today, I want to share with you the FIRST of three approachesContinue reading “3 ways to boost your income…without PAIN (part 1)”